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spring harvest

Spring Garden Update

Spring is starting to show-off in the garden, but summer is prepping to take center stage.

My Recipes~ Padron Pepper Salad

Plant now to make this dish come summer. “It’s like sunshine on a plate,” says Valerie Rice. Padrón peppers are wonder­fully tender when blitzed on a grill, and they’re enjoyably unpredictable–most are mild, but every so often, you’ll get a hot one. See full article here:

valerie rice sunset

Sunset Smiles

The March issue of Sunset Magazine is out and making for some happy people at my house…

Sunset~ 7 Secrets to a Great Edible Garden

For one Santa Barbara gardener, harvest season never ends. Here are tips from her extraordinary edible garden Growing the good life Valerie Rice’s 14 1/2- by 29-foot walled garden explodes with edibles all year. Unlike many vegetable gardens, Rice’s yard is designed for looks as well as production. Bamboo trellises turn bean vines into architecture, […]

kids in the garden

Tuesday Tip: Little Helpers

With summer in full swing, it’s important to have my girls eat healthy and keep busy. I had this grand idea that we wouldn’t over schedule our summer with a bunch of camps but rather enjoy lazy, hazy days together. What the hell was I thinking?

iron basket

New Product: Iron Roasting Basket

Partnering with local iron artisans, I’m thrilled to offer a limited run of these iron roasting baskets, offered first to my faithful Eat Drink Garden readers.

Web Wound Up

When I’m out with friends we always end up trading sources that we’ve found.


Pretty DIY Trellis

Unfortunately, many of the store bought trellises are very expensive. Over the years I’ve come to realize how easy it is to make or upgrade your own.