Tools & Tips

Fresh Start: Veggie Garden

Just in time for the new year, I’ve had the chance to plan and start a new veggie garden utilizing some of my hard-earned wisdom.

Planting Bulbs

It’s not too late to plant bulbs. On Saturday, we planted a whole slew of them and fingers crossed, we’ll have some beauties sprouting in the spring.

garden roses

Upcycled Vases

I have a hard time letting go of condiments in the back of my fridge, but I forced myself to go through them the other day, and I got creative with the old containers.

garden bed

Beach Veggie Garden

During our trip to Kauai I had to check out our neighbor’s small veggie garden because it was totally flourishing and she lives right on the beach!


Cutting Pineapple

In Kauai, the bartender at The Hanalei Dolphin Restaurant taught me a great pineapple prep tip.


Video Tip: Garden Markers

I’ve tried so many different ways to label the plants in my garden over the years, but they never last long. In an effort to properly label my growing plants, I raided my stash of leftover birthday party supplies for some plastic knives.

How To Roast Beets

Roasting beets enhances their natural flavor; once roasted you can use toss them in salads with a smattering of your favorite cheese (I’m always partial to feta), thrown in the blender to make a refreshing borscht or served on a vegetable platter.