Tools & Tips

smashing peach kernels

Tuesday Tip: Using Peach Kernels

I had always thought the inside of the peach pit was poisonous, but with the help of a meat mallet, I whopped open a pit to discover a sweet almond smell and taste–practically marzipan with a just a bit of bitterness.

pink garden roses

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foxglove in the garden

English Garden Design

Since I have self-assigned this as “Brit week” here on the blog, it’s only fitting to designate a little day to the amazing gardens of the land.


Butterfly Garden

If you have a sunny spot in your yard that right now is filled with less than desirable existing plants, consider creating a butterfly garden.

grocery store bouquet

Mother’s Day Flowers

Confess—are you the kid, husband, sister or mom that will stop by the grocery store on Mother’s day morning, only to grab a cellophane wrapped bouquet off the grocery store shelf?

Roses blooming

Tips & Tools: The Rose Garden

Follow these tips and your roses won’t only feel the love, they will bloom to be the most beautiful roses on the block.

Beautiful bouquet

Viburnum is the New Hydrangea

I had purchased viburnum in the past in bushels to use in flower arrangements, and I thought it would be fun to try my hand at growing these perennials in my cutting garden.