Tools & Tips


Recipe for Successful Compost

Compost, admittedly, is not the sexiest thing to blog about, but it is important for your garden. So, let’s imagine Hugh Jackman telling you all about compost with his shirt off.

Flavoring Sugars and Salts with Herbs

My first try with this new technique was ten lavender buds on a microwave-safe plate for five minutes on high—yeah, that was too much time. The kitchen smelled of burnt/fried greens, kinda like Barbie being roasted in a campfire.

"Plenty" cookbook

Yotam Ottolenghi’s Plenty

Who knew about the parallels between shoes and cookbooks? But as a collector of both, I can usually come up with a new top favorite or an old classic in any category.

Green Pasta

This is a great 2011 version of green pasta that is quick to make and doesn’t require boiling every single possible nutrient out of your veggies. It’s also a fun way to sneak wholesome greens to your kids without them realizing, and the color is spectacular on the plate. Believe me, this pasta is totally worth the effort. Once you make it, you and your family will be hooked!