Guest Stars

Chefs in My Kitchen: Benedetta Vitali Video

Here is a glimpse of our very fun night with Chef Benedetta Vitali! See my recent posts Tagliatelle with Duck Ragu and Chicken Liver Crostini for recipes and more information. Special thanks to my dear friend Joanna Kerns for the video footage. Editing and Motion Graphics by Matt Walla.

Tagliatelle with Duck Ragu

This pasta is incredible, the dough was the driest I have ever made and I’m convinced that contributed to its fantastic consistency. Without a doubt this best I have ever eaten! Give this recipe for taglialtelle with duck ragu a try, you won’t be disappointed!

Benedetta Vitali: Chicken Liver Crostini

Since we had fresh ducks on hand we did a combination of duck and chicken liver but here the recipe calls for just chicken liver. Assembling this was a true art form. Benedetta made quenelles of the pate drizzled with warm marmalade and served alongside toasted bread.

Lovely Pizza Dough, Pretty Flowers Too

We decided to make heart shaped pizzas in our wood burning oven for dinner and chocolate fondue for dessert. Benedetta was here (her one day off on her month long tour) and she gave me a tip to not use olive oil in the dough because it weighs down its consistency. We tried it without oil and it was so beautiful!

Q & A with Roberto Cortez and Amazing Winter Recipes

Chef, Roberto Cortez was recently back in town before he relocates permanently from Santa Barbara to Berlin (imagine that!). I first got to know Roberto thru his private cooking classes in Santa Barbara. I was inspired by his elaborate inventiveness, knowledge and artistry.

Donald Link: The Beginning

A few years back we were lucky enough to befriend Donald Link through a mutual friend in the restaurant business. Donald is the chef/owner of the stellar New Orleans restaurants, Herbsaint and Cochon.

Tomatoes…and more Tomatoes

All summer I have been waiting for a garden bounty of tomatoes. Santa Barbara finally got some nice summer heat and ta-da!…I found myself with five enormous plants all heavy laden with beautiful, delicious tomatoes at the same time. Great! Great. Great? My tomato windfall coincided with school starting, a full calendar of non-profit events […]

Cooking with Teru

Recently, my friends gathered at our house to learn the art of Japanese cooking from Teru of Sakana of Montecito, California.