dried peaches

Tuesday Tool: The King of Dehydrators

Well, two peach trees, three apple trees and loads of berry bushes exploding with fruit compelled me to blow the dust off and give this fancy dehydrator a chance.

iron basket

New Product: Iron Roasting Basket

Partnering with local iron artisans, I’m thrilled to offer a limited run of these iron roasting baskets, offered first to my faithful Eat Drink Garden readers.

eat drink garden recipes

Spring Cleaning

A couple of things to make the Eat Drink Garden life easier for you.

valerie rice apron

Life in the Garden: Top Picks

I’m all about accessories, even in the garden. Here are some of my favorite “extras” that I use to take my garden from basic to beautiful.

Tool: Printable Measuring Guide

Here’s a handy little guide to print and have on hand in the kitchen. I like to keep mine on the inside door of my baking cabinet.

Beet Chips

This feels like an indulgent snack, satisfying salty, crunchy cravings in a healthy way.