Val’s got a crush!

gin and juice

My Gin and Juice

Whatever time of day, this drink looks pretty enough to hold court with that beautiful bottle.

santa barbara jasmine

Pink Jasmine

Right now, pink jasmine is draping over fences all over town, have you seen it?

blackberry farm

Blackberry Farm

I was lucky enough to spend a handful of days last week at Blackberry Farm. Situated right on the cusp of the Smokey Mountains in Tennessee, this spectacular resort embodies Southern hospitality and grace in the most enchanting of ways.


Val’s Got a Crush: New Cookbooks

Cookbooks are a deeply personal item, selecting the right fit is about choosing the style of food that best resonates with how you like to cook. For me, it’s always starts with fresh, seasonal ingredients.

valerie rice

Here, Chicky, Chicky

I’ve been totally surprised by my devotion to our chickens—and this is before we’ve even had our first egg!

ice cream

McConnell’s Scoop Shop

To celebrate the first day of school we headed over to the new scoop shop on State Street—I confess I committed a cardinal sin for Santa Barbara locals and actually drove my car on State Street—for ice cream cones, we were surprised and delighted to find much more.