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Naked Guacamole

I’ve recently become a convert to a simple guacamole. After eight years of trying to turn my kids into guac lovers, I finally got it right.

healthy snack

Healthy Snack Ideas

Full disclosure— I’m always hungry and I love to eat. Here are the snacks I’ve been munching on to keep me satisfied.

Watermelon salad with avaocado and lime

Watermelon Salad with Lime and Avocado

The other day I decided to be a little creative with the leftover watermelon for a nice lunch with friends. This recipe turns some pretty basic ingredients into a beautifully composed and enticingly delicious course.


I start by chopping all the secondary ingredients first, before slicing open the avocados. This little trick will yield a brighter green dip. Be sure not to over mix, as you want to taste the chunks of avocado.