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box for bees

Bee Box

Back in the fall when we moved, we inherited the next best thing to a chicken coop!


Hey There, Honey

I was complaining that my skin was feeling rather lackluster lately, and my friend, who is an esthetician, suggested this mask from a few items in my pantry.


Bee Roundup

Here are some of my favorite bee-related products from around the web.


Honey Polenta Cake

I found this gluten-free cake recipe in The Beekeeper’s Bible — it’s a little different and completely delicious. You can have it for breakfast, tea or dessert; I even had a slice for lunch the other day.


Bites of Honey

I love, adore and crave honeycomb. It’s the starting point for an easy and special appetizer.

bee and flowers


Bees? Bees. What started out as a little buzz in my brain has grown to a constant hum. The biggest reason for the interest-turned-obsession is this book.