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Holiday Guests, Holiday Appetizers

Handing your guests a nibble (I’m talking food here) and a cocktail upon arrival is the quickest way to start a great night. Here are a few of my mainstay quick and easy appetizers.


Over the years, I have made crostini in many different ways: in the broiler, in the over oven, and on the grill. The thing is, you don’t want to overcook the bread so it’s hard to bite into, but you also don’t want to cook it so lightly that it falls apart or is soggy. I’ve discovered that my favorite way to cook crostini is with my grill pan.

Benedetta Vitali: Chicken Liver Crostini

Since we had fresh ducks on hand we did a combination of duck and chicken liver but here the recipe calls for just chicken liver. Assembling this was a true art form. Benedetta made quenelles of the pate drizzled with warm marmalade and served alongside toasted bread.