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Quick Light Lunch

Midday, my energy level dips and I need some protein pronto to keep going. This light lunch does the job and is super quick to pull together.

warm radicchio

Warm Radicchio Salad

I’ve always associated radicchio with cold winter months, but for the first time, I’ve managed to successfully grow summer radicchio.

tortilla cheese greens

My Favorite Lunch

It’s not a sandwich, it’s not a quesadilla, it’s not a salad— it’s really a combo of all three.

Leslie’s Lentil Salad

A bite of inspiration: I had Leslie’s recipe, but hadn’t made it yet when I went to Benoit in New York City. It was there that Alain DuCasse introduced me to the classic French Lentil Salad served with a quail egg. I came home inspired to make my own, California version of the recipe with eggs from my local farmer friend. The result was a savory mixture of flavors and textures, perfect for a light, but filling, lunch.