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september garden

September: Pick Now!

So, I stand with one foot in each season, my well-worn flip flops and a bowl of salsa in one hand and my new stacked heeled boots and kabocha squash soup in the other.

baba ganoush

Baba Ganoush

Borrowing an expression from my dad, I’m up to my numb-nuts in eggplant.

cherry tomatoes

Pretty Summer Garden

Dragging in the suitcases from the car and sifting through the heaps of laundry, I decided to procrastinate just a little and grab my camera and see what was happening in the garden. The laundry can wait! Or maybe not?!?

harvest summer

July: Pick Now!

With abundant offerings, vibrant colors and a true sweetness that permeates everything from peaches to even the largest zucchini.

spring garden

Spring Garden

I’ve had the best time wandering around in my garden astonished by its progress.

growing fava beans

Spring Vegetable Garden

The weather has been crazy beautiful lately. Santa Barbara feels more like summer, than spring— or the way we wish summer felt when all that June gloom fog rolls in.

"Plenty" cookbook

Yotam Ottolenghi’s Plenty

Who knew about the parallels between shoes and cookbooks? But as a collector of both, I can usually come up with a new top favorite or an old classic in any category.