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Family Meal: Easy Chicken with Garlic and Parsley

One of our favorite family meals on weekly rotation comes from Jacques Pepin’s “Fast Food My Way.” His “Chicken Breasts with Garlic and Parsley” are full of flavor, quick to make, and everyone at the table, from my four-year-old to my husband, loves them.

Arugula Pesto

Life gives you bitter arugula? Make pesto! It was the perfect project to give my new (and oh, so pretty) Vitamix a whirl. The end result had me licking my fingers, as I scraped every last drop out of the blender.

Carnitas for Cinco de Mayo

Carnitas are the best. I simply cook long and slow in the oven, basting occasionally. Traditionally, you cook the pork roasts in huge copper pot filled with bubbling lard. My way is easier, less messy, healthier, and really delicious

Aunt Penny’s Marinara

This is so easy and delicious. I always have it on hand and use for pastas, pizza and stuffed zucchini blossoms. You can also use fresh tomatoes, too…