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fall salad

October: Pick Now!

We’ve totally transitioned to autumn in the kitchen (well, autumn in our flip flops) and here’s what best at the farmers market, in the garden and at the store this month.

kabocha tacos

Roasted Squash and Poblano Tacos

Even if you’re a meat-loving family, it’s always nice to have vegetarian options for family meals that still taste hearty and satisfying. So grab a big knife and hack into your first squash of the season.


Tip: Storing Pumpkins

Whether it’s the grocery store or garden that’s suckering you into autumn early, I’ve gathered some tips for making those pumpkins last.

harvest basket

Fall Garden Prep

Getting the garden ready for fall— should I be worried that I get an excited/tingly feeling over vegetables?

Happy Halloween!

I hope you and your family have a wonderful and safe Halloween!

fig tree

Fall Garden

A quick fifteen minutes in the garden with my camera revealed the shift into the new season. Whoever said it doesn’t look like fall in California?