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butternut squash soup

A Lesson in Shortcuts, Butternut Squash Style

Almost a month ago I believed I had stumbled upon an awesome discovery- organic butternut squash puree in a can. No more having to hack into, peel and roast a squash. Instead, you could just open the can, add some fresh ingredients and dinner is served.

chopped kale salad

Autumn Kale Salad (Vegan)

Kale is having its moment and I love it. It’s so versatile that I can cook my way through kale season and never get bored.

fall salad

October: Pick Now!

We’ve totally transitioned to autumn in the kitchen (well, autumn in our flip flops) and here’s what best at the farmers market, in the garden and at the store this month.

Last Bouquet: Moving Day

This week I’ll be sharing some of my favorite blog posts over the last few years, sort of a “greatest hits” collection.

cheese plate with dried figs and walnuts

Oven-Dried Figs

Our trees produced more figs than usual this year, so I tried my hand at drying some in the oven. It’s an easy, low-maintenance method with a sweet payoff.

Fall Dinner Menu

We always travel to my family’s house for Thanksgiving, so I’ve never had true ownership of the holiday. Knowing this, I often host a festive dinner right before the Thanksgiving holiday for close friends here in Santa Barbara. No turkey, but fall fare straight from the garden and farmers market, and this year, seasoned with inspiration from our recent trip to Piedmont.

Broccoli and Bok Choy Soup

This creamy soup is rich and satisfying and is perfect for a brisk fall day! I was tempted to add ½ and ½ at the end of the recipe, but after I blended and tasted the soup I realized it wasn’t necessary.