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pumpkin and flowers

Pumpkin Flowers

Pumpkins are everywhere now in such a wide range of colors and textures. Why not venture out of the traditional fall color scheme?

anemones purple

Winter Flowers

Winter flowers may not be the show-offs of spring and summer, but they offer their own gorgeous beauty that can brighten up a home in the darker months.

Beautiful Stock

This overlooked bloom is one of my favorites, it adds wonderful texture and scent to your arrangements.

spring floral arrangement

Easter Recap

I’ll admit, it was a total last minute dash to that first ring of the doorbell, leaving me with five-minutes flat to get dressed and ready, but we made it.


Lovely Little Lanterns

Tomatillo salsa is amazing, but so are the tomatillo plants in my flower arrangements—I love it when you get multiple uses from a simple garden vegetable.

sophisticated halloween decor

Haute Halloween

Here’s my attempt at eerie elegance, compliments of a trip to the flower mart, Trader Joe’s and an hour in the middle of my garage having fun.