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Growing Dahlias

Dahlias make me happy. They are such beautiful and sculptural flowers that come in a superabundance of shapes, colors, and sizes.

roses from the garden

It’s All About the Blooms

“Regardless of its size or complexity, the perfect floral arrangement is the one that makes you stop for an instant and smile with surprise and delight.” -Preston Bailey

Beautiful bouquet

Viburnum is the New Hydrangea

I had purchased viburnum in the past in bushels to use in flower arrangements, and I thought it would be fun to try my hand at growing these perennials in my cutting garden.


With fresh eyes, I’ve realized how striking the camellias are in this somewhat bleak, early springtime. I planted them to be a year-round source of color for the garden, but returning home from such a harsh winter landscape, I felt inspired to make an arrangement of them inside. The result was beautiful, simple to arrange, and sturdy. Plus, the Spanish feel of this flower really complemented the Spanish style of our home.