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Happy Birthday to Me

A great Bon Appetit video with Suzanne Goin, Coleman Farms and a guest appearance by my Garden Apron.

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Life in the Garden: Top Picks

I’m all about accessories, even in the garden. Here are some of my favorite “extras” that I use to take my garden from basic to beautiful.

Subscriber Apron Giveaway

If you’re already a subscriber (thank you, very much) you are already entered in our giveaway. Share with friends and family so they have a chance to win, too.

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From Garden to Table

One thing that I’ve always been searching for, but could never find, is the perfect apron for all of my eat, drink and garden pursuits.

The Garden Apron by Valerie Rice

Aprons with style, from garden to table: The Garden Apron is made for both the garden and the kitchen. Available in durable white denim or beautiful all linen.