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santa barbara jasmine

Pink Jasmine

Right now, pink jasmine is draping over fences all over town, have you seen it?

Green Trick Dianthus

There are so many reasons to love Green Trick Dianthus. While the name is less than desirable (I don’t know about you, but to me it sounds more like a rare sickness than a flower), it is actually a member of the carnation family, and quite adorable. I have been plugging into a ton of arrangements lately.


With fresh eyes, I’ve realized how striking the camellias are in this somewhat bleak, early springtime. I planted them to be a year-round source of color for the garden, but returning home from such a harsh winter landscape, I felt inspired to make an arrangement of them inside. The result was beautiful, simple to arrange, and sturdy. Plus, the Spanish feel of this flower really complemented the Spanish style of our home.