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garden roses

Gratitude Change

Last week was one of those weeks; even bright-eyed bloggers get the blues.

fig tree

Fall Garden

A quick fifteen minutes in the garden with my camera revealed the shift into the new season. Whoever said it doesn’t look like fall in California?

garden roses

Upcycled Vases

I have a hard time letting go of condiments in the back of my fridge, but I forced myself to go through them the other day, and I got creative with the old containers.


Welcome Home

Our vacation to Hawaii was so wonderful, I wanted it to last forever. But how can I complain when I come home to a garden full of show-offs?

roses from the garden

It’s All About the Blooms

“Regardless of its size or complexity, the perfect floral arrangement is the one that makes you stop for an instant and smile with surprise and delight.” -Preston Bailey

Roses blooming

Tips & Tools: The Rose Garden

Follow these tips and your roses won’t only feel the love, they will bloom to be the most beautiful roses on the block.