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805 Living

Garden Party with 805 Living

Of course, I wouldn’t pass up the chance to blab away on one of my favorite topics— creating inviting outdoor spaces.

ruby swiss chard

Spring Sprouts

I’m pretty easygoing when it comes to planting my garden.

Fresh Start: Veggie Garden

Just in time for the new year, I’ve had the chance to plan and start a new veggie garden utilizing some of my hard-earned wisdom.


Butterfly Garden

If you have a sunny spot in your yard that right now is filled with less than desirable existing plants, consider creating a butterfly garden.

basket of tomatoes

Tuesday Tip: Jonesing For Tomatoes

In a pre-season pinch, I always choose Campari tomatoes at the store. Small in size and packed with sweetness, they really are the best choice when you need a little bite of summer— right now.

Roses blooming

Tips & Tools: The Rose Garden

Follow these tips and your roses won’t only feel the love, they will bloom to be the most beautiful roses on the block.

growing fava beans

Spring Vegetable Garden

The weather has been crazy beautiful lately. Santa Barbara feels more like summer, than spring— or the way we wish summer felt when all that June gloom fog rolls in.

the silver pen

The Silver Pen

I’m honored and thrilled to be featured on The Silver Pen today.

spring garden prep

Spring Garden Tips

Here are some of my tried and true spring gardening tips to help get a jumpstart on your warm weather vegetables and herbs.

growing winter vegetables

Tip: Mon Petit Chou

Since we are rolling into St. Patrick’s Day it seems like the right time to talk cabbage, specifically Brussels sprouts.