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dried peaches

Tuesday Tool: The King of Dehydrators

Well, two peach trees, three apple trees and loads of berry bushes exploding with fruit compelled me to blow the dust off and give this fancy dehydrator a chance.

peach crumble

Easy Dessert: Fruit Crumble

This recipe is an old standby of mine, not just because it is so quick and easy to throw together, but because you can use any combination of ripe summer fruit.

Granola parfait

Breakfast In Bed

For Mother’s Day all I have requested is breakfast in bed. Well, breakfast in bed…and no whining, a chicken coop and maybe some new Louboutins (my guess is that I’ll get one of the four, the one that involves a cup of coffee).

healthy treat for kids

Apple “Cupcake”

This is such a crispy, satisfying and yes, cute snack. It’s often an afternoon treat for me, too. It’s a mock cupcake complete with sprinkles on top.

cheese plate with dried figs and walnuts

Oven-Dried Figs

Our trees produced more figs than usual this year, so I tried my hand at drying some in the oven. It’s an easy, low-maintenance method with a sweet payoff.

Valerie’s Granola

Granola is one of those staples that is fundamentally wholesome and delicious, but often becomes a high-calorie, over-sweetened fiasco. It doesn’t have to be that way. This homemade granola is the perfect mixture of sweet and salty combined with a crisp, roasted texture. It’s easy to make and has none of the extra sugar or preservatives you find store-bought.

Mulberry and Peach Crumble

This cobbler recipe was adapted from Jacques Pepin’s Fast Food My Way, a cookbook that is a great resource for easy and quick entertaining.