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heart pancakes

Saturday Morning Pancakes

What sets these apart from my usual recipe is that these pancakes are cakey and thick, puffing up beautifully on that griddle. My plan for next Saturday, over Valentine’s Day weekend, is to surprise the girls with a sprinkle of chocolate chips into the batter and a sweet heart shape.

brown bag lunch

Healthy School Lunch Challenge

As a mom, making those damn lunches day in and day out, I was delighted to gather some great, practical and healthy ideas.

fresh blueberries

Escaping the Fog

Last Sunday, we couldn’t take the fog any longer and and headed up the hill for some fun and sunshine.

what's for dinner

Family Meal Plan

Do you share my pain of the rut and stress of feeding your family every night?


Stash of Sunblock

I take our personal defense against the sun seriously. I’ve found good hats and great products that allow us to have our beach days while also staying protected.