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dried peaches

Tuesday Tool: The King of Dehydrators

Well, two peach trees, three apple trees and loads of berry bushes exploding with fruit compelled me to blow the dust off and give this fancy dehydrator a chance.

microplane hand mandolin

Tuesday Tool: Hand Mandolin

Consider this hand mandolin the Louboutin of the kitchen gadget world- it makes slicing a sleek, sexy breeze. I love it. If you have a garden or are a farmers market regular, this mandolin is brilliant.

best ice cream maker

Tools & Tips: Ice Cream Maker

If you have a garden, fruit trees or a stocked farmers market, it’s great to have the ability to churn fresh produce into something special.

Ateco cutters

Tuesday Tool: Circle Cutter Set

Ovals, diamonds and flowers…oh my! These Ateco cutter sets come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and have endless uses in the kitchen.

kitchen tools

Tuesday Tool: Wand Grater

The official name for this tool is a Microplane Rasp Grater. It’s a little tool with a big name, but it deserves the title. If you cook at all and don’t have one, get one. I use one of these daily, they’re always in the dishwasher.

tea bags and loose tea

Tea Time

My tea drawer selection ranges from the ordinary to extraordinary. Full disclosure: we reach for the ordinary way more than the extraordinary.


Tip: Kabocha Squash and Halloween Safety

A big sharp knife slicing through a huge, tough, wobbly, oblong-shaped pumpkin can be downright intimidating. But the work is worth it, because kabocha squash is absolutely delicious.