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An Ode to My Mom

My mom has a warmth and an inherent beauty that captivates. If you’ve met her, you know what I am talking about. Her charm knows no limits, and pulls you into her orbit of radiant grace. Then she turns around and outdrives you on the golf course. She really is awe-inspiring. I remember watching her […]

Granola parfait

Breakfast In Bed

For Mother’s Day all I have requested is breakfast in bed. Well, breakfast in bed…and no whining, a chicken coop and maybe some new Louboutins (my guess is that I’ll get one of the four, the one that involves a cup of coffee).

grocery store bouquet

Mother’s Day Flowers

Confess—are you the kid, husband, sister or mom that will stop by the grocery store on Mother’s day morning, only to grab a cellophane wrapped bouquet off the grocery store shelf?

John Jeavons vegetable garden resource

Tuesday Tool: Garden Books

What I lack in natural botanical insight is made up for with these garden resources and a hefty dose of wonderful Santa Barbara weather.