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Mulberry Madness

When life gives you mulberries, make everything you can think of…

santa barbara garden

Summer Garden Recipes

Forget unpacking suitcases, my first stop returning home is always the garden. Well, maybe a quick stop at the chicken coop.


Summer Garden

Summertime gardens are outstanding! The year’s hard work is sweetly rewarded with a non-stop conveyor belt of produce.

sparkling water

Summertime Drink: Mulberry Sparkler

I always know summer is coming when our beloved mulberry bush is bursting with deliciously ripe, sweet and sometimes tart, fruit. This mulberry syrup uses up what we have in the garden and it feels like such a treat served over iced sparkling water.

spring vegetable garden

Tour de Vegetable Garden

Here’s a peek at what’s sprouting in my garden, I would love to know what’s happening in yours, too.