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heart pancakes

Saturday Morning Pancakes

What sets these apart from my usual recipe is that these pancakes are cakey and thick, puffing up beautifully on that griddle. My plan for next Saturday, over Valentine’s Day weekend, is to surprise the girls with a sprinkle of chocolate chips into the batter and a sweet heart shape.

pancakes and bliss

Gluten-Free Pancakes

With summer in full swing, we are having a lot of pancake mornings. Here’s my gluten-free pancake recipe for hotcakes I feel good about flipping.

Granola parfait

Breakfast In Bed

For Mother’s Day all I have requested is breakfast in bed. Well, breakfast in bed…and no whining, a chicken coop and maybe some new Louboutins (my guess is that I’ll get one of the four, the one that involves a cup of coffee).

Tuesday Tool: Flat Whisk

Whisks. I have fat ones, skinny ones, teeny tiny ones, and big-daddy copper handled ones, but the one I reach for most…

healthy buttermilk pancakes

Healthier Buttermilk Pancakes

After making this easy pancake recipe you will never use a store bought mix again. This recipe originated from a chef friend of mine, Maili Brocke…