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best salt cellar

Getting Salty

Not all salts are created equal and it’s worth a few additions to your pantry if you find your salt mines falling a short. Here’s what you’ll find in my kitchen.

cut parsley

Tuesday Tip: Fresh Herbs

Even though I grow herbs in my garden, there are always times for whatever reason that I don’t have what I need and buy a bunch of fresh herbs at the store.

How To: Preserved Lemons

Don’t let the term “preserved” scare you; this is much easier and quicker (really, only minutes) than traditional canning.

basket of tomatoes

Freezing Tomatoes

Believe it or not, there is a correct and an incorrect way to freeze, and it’s just as easy to do it the right way as it is the wrong.

Rancho Gordo beans cooking

Steve Sando, New World Bean Guru

Heirloom beans taste far, far better than the rest of the beans out there. I know, I know, how much difference can there be from one dried bean to another, right? Place an order and try for yourself, then write me a little thank you note.