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quince jam

Quince & Pineapple Guava Jam

This isn’t quite a jam, more of a (delicious) replacement for cranberry sauce. Regardless of exact terminology it’s worth making a batch, now.

fig tree

Fall Garden

A quick fifteen minutes in the garden with my camera revealed the shift into the new season. Whoever said it doesn’t look like fall in California?

pineapple guava fruit

Pineapple Guava Sorbet

Pineapple guava makes a fantastic frozen dessert because it’s not too sweet, but rather crisp, a little tart, vaguely tropical, and just so, so good. Plus, the girls felt like it was such an extra special treat because they were involved in every step of making it and really, as desserts go, it was on the healthier side, too, which is always a bonus.