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santa barbara garden

January Garden

Winter is fine, but the reality is I’m a slut for spring.

winter garden

Winter Garden

If you’re inclined to step away from the holiday hustle for a few minutes, come take a peek at what’s going on in the garden.

harvest basket

Fall Garden Prep

Getting the garden ready for fall— should I be worried that I get an excited/tingly feeling over vegetables?

ruby swiss chard

Spring Sprouts

I’m pretty easygoing when it comes to planting my garden.


Video Tip: Garden Markers

I’ve tried so many different ways to label the plants in my garden over the years, but they never last long. In an effort to properly label my growing plants, I raided my stash of leftover birthday party supplies for some plastic knives.

Shishito peppers

Quick and Dirty

Over the weekend, I threw on my big floppy sun hat and got down in the dirt adding more summer fare to our garden.

carrot from the garden

Planting Carrots: Tonda di Parigi

Tonda di Parigi are heirloom carrot seeds that yield absolutely delicious carrots — and they’re so darn cute! They’re small and round (the perfect snack size for both kids and adults) and really sweet