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Red Wine for Summer

I tend to get stuck on the white and rosé wagon for summer, but sometimes I have a hankering for red. The other night I selected this wine, Le Claux Delorme Valençay, for a friend’s birthday and it was such hit I had to share.

red handled garden sheers

Val’s Got a Crush: Red

I never thought of myself as a red person, more of a sun washed pastel girl. But over the last few years red continues to be a guest star in my wardrobe and home.


Trader Joe’s Wines: Reds

This is the second in my Trader Joe’s wine tasting series (see my reviews of TJ’s whites). For this round I chose seven reds based first on price ($12.99 and under) and second on origin: a mix of domestic, French, and Italian.

A bottle of Beaujolais, Moulin a Vent

Beaujolais Cru

This 2009 Beaujolais-Cru is the perfect red wine choice for Southern California’s Indian summers.

Pizza Wine

My problem is that it’s such a good match, I end up drinking too much wine and eating too much pizza. To the hills for a hike I go! Cin-Cin!

House Wines

Wine is a permanent fixture in our home and we enjoy it daily.  Our wine cellar is for the most part, my husband’s domain.  An avid wine enthusiast, he has spent the past twenty years building a collection of wines from all over the world.  Picking wine from an inventoried source can be complicated and […]