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santa barbara garden

January Garden

Winter is fine, but the reality is I’m a slut for spring.

santa barbara jasmine

Pink Jasmine

Right now, pink jasmine is draping over fences all over town, have you seen it?

Garden Woes and Hoes

From aphid invasions to fiesty chickens, it’s a little bit of everything right now in the garden.

shower table

Baby Shower in the Garden

A baby shower doesn’t need to be an overly elaborate, theme-drenched event, some thoughtful, pretty touches is all it takes to create a beautiful day.

cherry tomatoes

Pretty Summer Garden

Dragging in the suitcases from the car and sifting through the heaps of laundry, I decided to procrastinate just a little and grab my camera and see what was happening in the garden. The laundry can wait! Or maybe not?!?