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best salt cellar

Getting Salty

Not all salts are created equal and it’s worth a few additions to your pantry if you find your salt mines falling a short. Here’s what you’ll find in my kitchen.

marcona almond clusters

Chocolate Parade

What would you do with a bag of chocolate chips? That was the question Parade magazine posed to me.

How To: Preserved Lemons

Don’t let the term “preserved” scare you; this is much easier and quicker (really, only minutes) than traditional canning.

breakfast banana

Banana Toast

This banana toast is pure comfort food that satisfies on so many levels. Whether you serve it up in the morning or as an after school snack, it’s a crowd pleaser.

One Simple Egg

A simple but delicious omelet-style preparation of an egg using fresh grated parmesan cheese, garden-fresh chives and sea salt. I originally learned this method from Chef Donald Link. Enjoy! Editing and Motion Graphics by Matt Walla.