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roses from the garden

It’s All About the Blooms

“Regardless of its size or complexity, the perfect floral arrangement is the one that makes you stop for an instant and smile with surprise and delight.” -Preston Bailey

Easter Brunch Basics

I love Easter! I have claimed it as “my” holiday within our family, planning a big, festive brunch and egg hunt.

Spring Garden Walk

Spring has come to my garden. All of the plants and flowers are slowly stretching their leaves and tendrils up from their beds to greet the morning sunshine. In fact, due to an usually warm February, I am even getting some flowers now that normally don’t bloom until fall. The garden doesn’t care that it’s not March 21st, or that our clocks haven’t yet been set forward an hour. The truth is, It’s not a date or a time, it’s a feeling, and there is definitely that something fresh and hopeful in the air that tells us that it is, indeed, spring.

Beautiful Ranunculus

Ranunculus are currently in season and so beautiful, I often think of them as the winter sister of the rose. They bloom in a variety of gorgeous colors from (canary yellow to deep crimson).