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July: Pick Now!

With abundant offerings, vibrant colors and a true sweetness that permeates everything from peaches to even the largest zucchini.


Welcome Home

Our vacation to Hawaii was so wonderful, I wanted it to last forever. But how can I complain when I come home to a garden full of show-offs?


Succulent Flowers

Some of the most beautiful flowers thriving in my garden right now are bursting from my succulents.

Growing Dahlias

Dahlias make me happy. They are such beautiful and sculptural flowers that come in a superabundance of shapes, colors, and sizes.

Little Vases

The ease and enjoyment of a small vase is that with just a flower or two you can add a touch of natural beauty and thoughtfulness to a guest bath, a bedside table, entry area, your desk, or even a closet. Just having one or two stems in a vase allows the stunning intricacies of the bloom to shine. You can always find a place for a little vase filled with lovely flowers. I even use them to individually store my herbs in water when I cook.