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Early Girl Tomato Soup

This fresh tomato soup was a creation from the surplus of tomatoes overflowing on my kitchen counter; it turned out to be a delicious, healthy family meal.

basket of tomatoes

Freezing Tomatoes

Believe it or not, there is a correct and an incorrect way to freeze, and it’s just as easy to do it the right way as it is the wrong.

ice cream

Mini Mason Jars of Ice Cream

This summer I have been using my tiniest mason jars to store individual servings of ice cream for the kids. It makes handing out perfectly-sized portions of ice cream as easy as grabbing a Popsicle from the box—sans freezer burn.


Cutting Pineapple

In Kauai, the bartender at The Hanalei Dolphin Restaurant taught me a great pineapple prep tip.


Video Tip: Garden Markers

I’ve tried so many different ways to label the plants in my garden over the years, but they never last long. In an effort to properly label my growing plants, I raided my stash of leftover birthday party supplies for some plastic knives.


Welcome Home

Our vacation to Hawaii was so wonderful, I wanted it to last forever. But how can I complain when I come home to a garden full of show-offs?


Stash of Sunblock

I take our personal defense against the sun seriously. I’ve found good hats and great products that allow us to have our beach days while also staying protected.


Pickled Cucumbers

I’m honored that my roasted tomatillo salsa was included in the Summer 2012 issue of Edible Santa Barbara. Another great recipe in this season’s copy is for these pickled cucumbers.

kauai shore

Paradise Pause

This week, I’m traveling with my family throughout the Hawaiian Islands. And just like that, I’m gifted a welcomed recharge before returning to the real world. But that’s still a few days away… Mahalo and Hallelujah!