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kabocha tacos

Roasted Squash and Poblano Tacos

Even if you’re a meat-loving family, it’s always nice to have vegetarian options for family meals that still taste hearty and satisfying. So grab a big knife and hack into your first squash of the season.


Lentil Tacos

Here’s a healthy, easy meal to add to the family dinner rotation.

taco shells

Tuesday Tip: Crispy Taco Shells

Yes, these are tortillas deep-fried in oil. But we don’t eat them all the time; the tortillas we use are small and basically, they taste just so damn good on family taco night.

Rajas as a side dish

Rajas: Roasted Poblanos with Onion and Cheese

jas can be made as a side dish for a summer meal, awesome vegetarian tacos or used as the stuffing for very yummy tamales or gorditas. I made Rajas for Cinco de Mayo as one of my taco options and my guests were completely floored. They are simple to make with tasty results. They are great for entertaining because you can make them in advance. I had a ton of requests for this recipe, so here you go. Fresh ingredients, simply prepared, with incredible results, this is an eat-drink-garden kind of a recipe.