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My Favorite Pumpkin Pie

I have been making pumpkin pie the same way for over a decade now — I love that the recipe doesn’t use condensed milk, and matched with the perfect pie crust, it’s always a winner.

Sautéed Chanterelles

This recipe follows my tried and true formula of pick, mix, serve— start by picking seasonal ingredients at the peak of freshness and flavor.


Rapini (Broccoli Rabe)

Thanksgiving morning I went out to the garden on the hunt for something green to add to my menu at the last minute. Turkey Day should be dubbed white meat and starch day. I was surprised to find rapini (also know as broccoli rabe or raab) sprouting like crazy. Not because rapini is out of […]


Jazzed-Up Roasted Cauliflower

I’m of the persuasion that you don’t mess with the Thanksgiving menu. Guests at my holiday table will never be served a curry turkey or Sichuan green beans.


Val’s Turkey Stock

I like to make this turkey stock ahead of time and freeze it. It’s a wonderful addition to so many holiday recipes and it makes your kitchen smell like Thanksgiving afternoon—don’t blame me if you’re suddenly craving mashed potatoes and gravy. Val’s Turkey Stock 2 pounds turkey drumsticks (about 3 drumsticks) 2 1/2 pounds turkey […]

2010 Thanksgiving Menu & Vegetable Frittata

Thanksgiving is a holiday that is all about cooking, eating, and being thankful the good things in life. My family is coming to us this year, and it is going to be a day of eating, drinking, and visiting. This will actually be the first Thanksgiving that I have ever hosted at my house. I think a lot of people find hosting Thanksgiving to be intimidating because it’s not just a dinner; it’s a full day’s worth of activities (along with at least a couple days of prep work). With that in mind, I’ve put together a (long) list of what I’m planning to do for tomorrow.