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cut parsley

Tuesday Tip: Fresh Herbs

Even though I grow herbs in my garden, there are always times for whatever reason that I don’t have what I need and buy a bunch of fresh herbs at the store.

fireworks at night

So, You Have a Hangover?

We celebrated lady liberty far too late into the night, and I’m feeling it this morning. Are you with me?

lamb burger

Better Burger Tips

This recipe and grilling techniques will be great additions to your Memorial Day barbecue; I often make these lamb burgers for easy summer entertaining.

basket of tomatoes

Tuesday Tip: Jonesing For Tomatoes

In a pre-season pinch, I always choose Campari tomatoes at the store. Small in size and packed with sweetness, they really are the best choice when you need a little bite of summer— right now.

Chicken plate

Thin & Juicy Grilled Chicken

This grilled chicken is a family-friendly, fresh and juicy chicken dish that’s always a hit. I simply grill it on my stovetop and serve it up with garden vegetables or over a bed of greens for a main course salad.

best ice cream maker

Tools & Tips: Ice Cream Maker

If you have a garden, fruit trees or a stocked farmers market, it’s great to have the ability to churn fresh produce into something special.


Quick and Easy Tablecloth Tip (video)

No matter how carefully you iron and store your tablecloths, there are always creases when unfolding and draping them across the table. Here’s a quick and easy video tip that works to get those creases out—without having to drag out your iron and ironing board.

Tuesday Tool: Mason Jars

These jars, used for canning in “real life,” are cute, casual and strong. Really, they practically bounce when they’re dropped.