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Tuesday Tip: It Takes Two

Having a partner in hosting helps you stress less and actually enjoy the evening, which really should be what entertaining is about.

black pepper

Tuesday Tip: Black Pepper

There is so much emphasis on salt these days that poor ol’ pepper often gets pushed to the back seat. Yet, black pepper is called out in most savory American dishes and deserves a little attention, don’t you think?

taco shells

Tuesday Tip: Crispy Taco Shells

Yes, these are tortillas deep-fried in oil. But we don’t eat them all the time; the tortillas we use are small and basically, they taste just so damn good on family taco night.

white wine in glass

Tuesday Tip: Washing Wine Glasses

If you’re hosting a party and wine glasses will be on the table (as it should be!), here’s a great little tip to get those glasses streak free and the best part, it does not involve manual labor!

basket of tomatoes

Tuesday Tip: Jonesing For Tomatoes

In a pre-season pinch, I always choose Campari tomatoes at the store. Small in size and packed with sweetness, they really are the best choice when you need a little bite of summer— right now.