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microplane hand mandolin

Tuesday Tool: Hand Mandolin

Consider this hand mandolin the Louboutin of the kitchen gadget world- it makes slicing a sleek, sexy breeze. I love it. If you have a garden or are a farmers market regular, this mandolin is brilliant.

best juicer for citrus

Tuesday Tool: Best Juicer

Not too long ago, I was gifted a fantastic juicer. It’s the best juicer I have ever owned— it really gets the job done.

Tuesday Tool: Flat Whisk

Whisks. I have fat ones, skinny ones, teeny tiny ones, and big-daddy copper handled ones, but the one I reach for most…

Tuesday Tool: Ozbo Tubtrug

Found in just about every size, these Tubtrugs by Ozbo are incredibly useful for indoor and outdoor storage.

Tuesday Tool: Vitamix!

But if you’re serious about good food, and cook as often as I do, this tool is so so so so worth every penny.

Tuesday Tool: Mason Jars

These jars, used for canning in “real life,” are cute, casual and strong. Really, they practically bounce when they’re dropped.

Tuesday Tool: Garden/Flower Arranging Tote

I love this totes form, weight and compartments. It satisfies all my flower arranging needs, and it’s the perfect for keeping everything handy and ready to grab on the go.

Tuesday Tool: Family First Aid Kit

This particular kit, the Medibag by me4kidz, is great because it comes pre-packed with all kinds of supplies with everything is easily organized for you. No joke, I’ve outfitted all of our cars with one and I have a couple floating around the house as well.