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Garden Woes and Hoes

From aphid invasions to fiesty chickens, it’s a little bit of everything right now in the garden.

Fresh Start: Veggie Garden

Just in time for the new year, I’ve had the chance to plan and start a new veggie garden utilizing some of my hard-earned wisdom.

John Jeavons vegetable garden resource

Tuesday Tool: Garden Books

What I lack in natural botanical insight is made up for with these garden resources and a hefty dose of wonderful Santa Barbara weather.

organic vegetable garden trellises

Pruning and DIY Trellises

During the winter stone fruit trees are not blossoming and robust with juicy treasures. And while I wouldn’t trade the summer bounty for this colder season, I do love the sculptural look of the naked branches.


Rapini (Broccoli Rabe)

Thanksgiving morning I went out to the garden on the hunt for something green to add to my menu at the last minute. Turkey Day should be dubbed white meat and starch day. I was surprised to find rapini (also know as broccoli rabe or raab) sprouting like crazy. Not because rapini is out of […]


Lovely Little Lanterns

Tomatillo salsa is amazing, but so are the tomatillo plants in my flower arrangements—I love it when you get multiple uses from a simple garden vegetable.

Tuesday Tool: Ozbo Tubtrug

Found in just about every size, these Tubtrugs by Ozbo are incredibly useful for indoor and outdoor storage.